The cretto is an element that I have fixed in my memory becau­se it is part of my native Argentina
Earth and fire have always been the fundamental elements of my artistic work and they accompany me in the transformation of matter and shape. Solaria was born from these inputs; it is a natural ``ornament`` that I have arranged through a technical and manual process to bring the some emotion of the great natural spaces to the living surfaces.

Solaria Wall System is the result of rese­arch into ceramic materials where earth and fire are the primordial elements.

The peculiarity of the project consists in being able to reproduce the cracking of dry earth through the same process that occurs in nature, i.e. drying in the sun. The earth exposed to the sun’s heat for a period of time forms radiai cracks through a random and natural process, creating sur­faces that are similar each time, but always unique, because no crack can be the same, like DNA.

The Solaria system is designed to be ap­plied to different types of linear surfaces such as walls and monolithic shapes. The production method also allows for the application of cracking on volumes and curved surfaces.

Another substantial peculiarity of the Solaria Wall System is the possibility to create continuous corners and edges, for example to connect two walls creating a visual unity of the volume.

These functional and aesthetic characteristics make Solaria a unique product that differs from classic ceramic coverings that simulate stone or wood.

Solaria, while maintaining the natural aesthetics of the earth, thanks to the different colour finishes, becomes a very versatile product in terms of surface adaptability and colour variations; the colour applied “cold” generates a sort of “camouflage” of great visual impact.

The collection consists of 5 matte colour variants and two metallic finishes, 24K gold and platinum. The colours blend with the clay with an excellent yield in terms of chromatic unifor­mity.

The result is a vibrant and evocative surface of unique beauty, capable of enriching retail, public and private spaces and satisfying the most sophisticated aesthetic furnishing requirements.

















ls it possible to create curved surfaces?

Yes, the application of Solaria on curved surfaces requires a preliminary fea­sibility study depending on the materiai to be covered and the type of space.

ls it possible to create surfaces with more than one coulour?

Yes, depending on the project and the customer’s requirements, multi-colou­red surfaces con also be produced in colour scale, prior to colour prototyping.

Can customised colours be produced?

Yes, it is possible to create a customised colour palette according to the customer’s needs, previous study and prototyping of colours.

Can Wall Solaria be applied outdoors?

Outdoor use is possible but with suitable clays and colours.

What are the most suitable surfaces for installation of the Wall?

The Solaria wall is pre-assembled on wooden panels or lightweight alumi­nium panels far easy application on site. Lightweight panels are also ideai in yachting.




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